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What do all these apps have in common?

The structure!

Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, and Instagram are some of the most downloaded and valuable apps on the market. These apps were all created to meet a specific communication need that has not only changed development and services on demand but has redefined the way we live altogether. They all have one common factor: the structure. We call this the Powerful Backend which provides services and data to clients, mainly through iOS, Android, and web. This structure helps bring everything together in a user-friendly and attractive display.



    • Full-Stack Developers needed NOW

      There are not enough mobile developers to feed consumer and enterprise demands for apps (…). a lack of mobile developers prevents businesses from doing the basics in order to become successful.
      Forbes 2013.

      There is a global shortage of developer talent, specifically in the mobile area. Tech companies and startups have specific needs, which makes the talent pool even smaller. Today, apps are seeing explosive growth. As retailers and publishers continue to try to differentiate themselves, the demand for iOS specific talent will grow. Due to this shortage, most major companies only have a single iOS engineer and/or a single Android engineer. Now is the time to find a job in this niche market!

    • tendencias empleabilidad indeed 2014

      Mandatory: Modern Development Technologies

      Mobile technologies are among the top 5 searched terms on Indeed, and the demand is surging. Startups need agile technologies and methodologies to avoid premature death, minimize time to market, and pivot on a dime if necessary. This makes the available talent pool even smaller.

      At KeepCoding Mobile Startup Engineering Bootcamp you will learn how to manage the core structure of an app, good development practices, teamwork, project management and startup business fundamentals. All this with top-rated technologies such as AngularJS, iOS, Android, Node.js, TDD, Azure and more.
      Bootcamp Courses

    • iOS/Android/DevOps/MBaaS/SCRUM/git/TDD and more at KeepCoding Mobile Startup Engineering Bootcamp

      Elite training for Elite Developers

      The need to write software faster and faster is a growing in-demand skill. Startups and big companies struggle to find talent that can deliver. Want to learn this in-demand skill? KeepCoding Bootcamp offers you all that you need: a program where you will learn coding skills, teamwork expertise, and startup business literacy.

      Nowadays it is not enough to be a good programmer, the market needs Full-Stack Developers. Professionals who can develop the next Facebook and you can be one of them.

    With The KeepCoding Approach

    How does it work?

    A program for Full Stack Developers

    Kickoff presencial en KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp

    Face to face Kickoff

    A day to meet your teachers and course mates. The only moment to relax!

    Coding Hard Skills

    Build a solid foundation for the most demanded technologies.

    Soft Skills & Entrepreneurship en KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp

    Business Soft Skills & Entrepreneurship

    Learn to better communicate with the entrepreneurs in your team or kickoff your own startup. Grasp startup fundamentals like MVP, financing and “Silicon Valley Culture”.

    Keynotes inspiradoras

    Inspiring Keynotes

    World known engineers, startup founders, mentors and investors will share their experience and offer valuable advice.

    Formato Blended en el KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp

    Blended learning

    We combine on site sessions, online resources and live webinars so you can enroll from any place in the world.

    Metodología Hands On en KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp

    Hands On experience

    Intensive coding sessions, real exercises, pre-bootcamp training and personalized coaching.

    Proyecto Final KeepCoding

    Real MVC

    Build a real world App with backend, iOS and Android clients. Work with your fellow students in a realistic environment

    Talent Advocacy at KeepCoding Bootcamp

    Talent Advocacy

    Get in touch with recruiters, receive advice to improve your CV and Linkedin profile, and prepare for job interviews!


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    Pre-Bootcamp Training


    The KeepCoding Mobile Startup Engineering Bootcamp is an intense experience and we want you to be up to the challenge!

    When you confirm your enrollment, you will receive a personalized training in programming. The idea is to prepare you and be sure that everyone is at the same level of understanding and ready to take on the most from this Bootcamp.

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