SushiRice App: Enjoy sushi and help the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami

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SushiRice App

SushiRice App

Sushi is a fresh, healthy, tasty and trendy delicatessen that has become popular all around the world. At Agbo, we’re all devout sushi fans and routinely make it at home.
One of the most important steps when making sushi at home, is getting the rice right. It must be sticky, so it won’t fall apart, but not too much. It must be slightly sweet, but not too much. It must be slightly sour, but not too much.

The proper preparation is so important that in most quality restaurants in Japan there are chefs whose sole responsibility is to cook the rice!
I created SushiRice App so I could always have at hand the right proportions of rice, water, sugar, salt and rice vinegar when making sushi.

After the terrible events in Japan, I decided to make it available at the App Store and send all proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross.
Impress your friends with your Itamae skills and help the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami.

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